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Previewing Ravens related college games

I bring attention to the games featuring possible Ravens related prospects.

Scott Cunningham

Keep that in mind that the team's draft needs might change in time so it is warranted to read this with a grain of salt. Based on Marvun22's mock drafts and popular opinions, the biggest team needs lie at running back and corner back. I personally think wildcard positions are defensive end if a move to a 4-3 defense is in order and wide receiver, if Torrey Smith continues to underwhelm or suddenly over-performs and takes a more lucrative deal in March.

Yet even if he stays, I see Steve Smith as a one year rental, two years at best, even his contract is schedule the expire after 2016. A blue chip receiver, in my opinion cannot be passed on.

The biggest and best match up comes to us from the west coast as Stanford travels to Seattle the Huskies at 4 o'clock eastern if you want to tune in.

Stanford's speedster receiver, at 6'2", 215 lbs, Ty Montgomery headlines the game in his battle Washington cover corner, Marcus Peters.

Ty Montgomery is excellent running nine routes. His deep speed, acceleration and long strides is impressive and can be compared to (don't cringe) Ted Ginn's. However, where he separates as a prospect is in his versatility. He is a threat in the return game and he often lines up in the backfield and running the rock like a running back, a big play threat every time he touches it. His ability after the catch is not to be underrated either. Montgomery isn't my favorite wide receiver. He is rather stiff out of his breaks and his route tree is currently limited. Seeing these traits, I cannot help to be reminded of one (don't cringe) Tedd Ginn, although that is most likely Montgomery's floor. An early comparison would be a stronger Mike Wallace.

Peters is a ball hawk and his five interceptions and nine passes defended last year prove just that.  At 6 feet and 180 pounds, he has the length  and even if he lacks the prototypical build, he has the physicality as he excels on an island, in press coverage. He sometimes lacks in press technique, as he can be caught leaning forward, but he has the strength, speed and athleticism to make it up. He played his best in the biggest games as His skills were on full display going up against Oregon state's Brandon Cooks, giving him all he could handle and then some. An early comparison would be a pre-injury Stephon Gilmore.

The other game to watch this weekend is Tennessee traveling to Athens to take on Georgia where running back Todd Gurley will take on middle linebacker A.J Johnson.

You might've seen Marvun talking up linebacker Denzel Perryman as a potential target and if a move to a permanent, one gap 4-3 is in order, adding a true, take on and blow up blocks, middle linebacker is a must. Johnson is not as instinctive as Perryman and at the moment is a second or third round pick. However his explosiveness, strength and hit power are at a near elite level. He has the ability to blow up blocks when he isn't aimlessly running around them. He can lose his assignment in zone coverage, as he sometimes plays over aggressively, but when in position, A.J Johnson can wreak havoc. An early comparison would be a lighter, hence slightly weaker, Vontaze Burfict.

Todd Gurley is the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson. He has no weaknesses, and honestly, I think he could've made the physical jump to the pros after his freshman season. His combination of speed and power is second to none. So far, Gurley has averaged a staggering 9.8 yards per carry this season, in a man scheme, when he would no doubt be better slashing downhill in a zone scheme. Whatever skill you can think of a running back having, Gurley has it at an elite level. I don't consider cut blocking a skill since it is more technique then physical but it's a nitpicked area where he can improve. An early comparison would be Eddie George.

Other prospects to watch

OLB/DE Hauli Kikaha, Washington

DT Danny Shelton, Washington

CB Alex Carter, Stanford

OLB/DE Leonard Floyd, Georgia

TE Brandon Downs , Tennessee