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What to watch for when the Ravens host the Panthers

Things to look for during Sunday's game.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens offensive line vs. Panthers defensive line

It'll be interesting to see how the Ravens perform without Eugene Monroe. That being said, if the offensive line can give Joe Flacco plenty of time in the pocket he should be able to attack a weak Panthers secondary, which segues to my next point.

Ravens WRs vs. Panthers DBs

The Panthers defensive backs aren't exactly the Legion of Boom and if Flacco can stay upright, the receivers should be in for a nice day.

Steve Smith

"If you f---in think I can't play, you'll learn Week 4 m-----f-----!" It's Week 4, and I want to see Steve Smith play. I want to see Steve Smith make the Panthers corners look like Gary Baxter. I want to see Steve Smith stiff-arm DBs like he stiff-armed Adam Jones. Mostly I want to see him make the Panthers regret cutting him. Deeply.

C.J. Mosley vs. Greg Olsen

Olsen is an underrated tight end and one of Cam Newton's favorite targets. Covering him will help the Ravens defense easily.

Jimmy Smith vs. Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin is raw, but he's performing well so far and is a big target for Cam Newton, especially downfield and in the end zone. If Smith can do this and the ILBs can cover Olsen, the Ravens should be able to stifle the Panthers' passing attack.

Ravens defensive line

The Panthers have an offensive line featuring the likes of Byron Bell and Nate Chandler. Getting pressure on Cam Newton (especially one that has his mobility reduced due to a rib injury) will hinder the deep passing ability and the Ravens shouldn't have a hard time stopping a run game consisting of a DeAngelo Williams that's battling an injured hamstring and Darrin Reaves.