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NFL picks Week 4: Predicting this week's games

Jason Butt and Daniel Park take a crack at predicting who wins this week's slate of games.

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(Just a reminder, Ravens predictions will appear on game days.)

Fellow Baltimore Beatdown writer Daniel Park continues to maintain the Broncos were cheated by the coin toss and the Jets beat themselves. All I know is his educated guesses (10-6) were second-best to mine (13-3) and yet he keeps insisting that I stop asking Madden for assistance.

This puts me at 32-16 for the season with Park at 27-21. I'm feeling pretty good, Madden or not.

That's enough saltiness, Daniel, now where's that water. ...

New York Giants at Washington Redskins

Park's take: Both teams received loud wake up calls last Sunday. Kirk Cousins was fearless in a hostile environment; Eli Manning was accurate and took command of his offense. The result of this match will amplify the loser's flaws more than it will the victor's. Matchup wise, I prefer Washington's defense.

Park's pick: Redskins 28, Giants 21

Butt's take: Both teams responded big offensively, though Washington was unable to defeat Philadelphia in the end. This game could be of the shootout variety, with the home team winning.

Butt's pick: Redskins 34, Giants 31

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Park's take: I'm expecting workhorse Eddie Lacy to gallop for 200 yards this week. I'm serious. #LUFFTO

Park's pick: Packers 24, Bears 21

Butt's take: The Bears defense is suddenly depleted with all of the injuries it experienced a week ago. Aaron Rodgers gets back on track after sluggish games in two of his first three starts. But it's not enough on the road against a well-balanced Bears offense.

Butt's pick: Bears 31, Packers 28

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

Park's take: The Bills have a legitimate shot at running to the Super Bowl if they clinch a postseason berth. Literally, the dynamic duo, Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller, could run a marathon to Disneyland.

Park's pick: Bills 30, Texans 17

Butt's take: The Texans fell back to reality last week after a 2-0 start. Still, the Texans defense has been solid for the most part and should give Buffalo problems. I still like the Bills to win.

Butt's pick: Bills 23, Texans 20

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

Park's take: The Titans must protect Jake Locker better if they want to turn their season around. Locker recorded the best average per carry (8.3) with guys like Shonne Greene and the rookie Sankey splitting carries. (That's not a good thing BTW). The Colts would lose their third game at home this year...not happening under my watch.

Park's pick: Colts 31, Titans 19

Butt's take: It's a division game which adds a layer of unpredictability to it. I haven't been too impressed with the Colts defense thus far and think Jake Locker (or Charlie Whitehurst) can have a surprise showing this week.

Butt's pick: Titans 26, Colts 24

Detroit Lions at New York Jets

Park's take: The Lions obeyed my advice and changed their strategy to down the Cheeseheads. The Jets' run defense is still solid - but like all eggs - it's time that they crack.

Park's pick: Lions 23, Jets 14

Butt's take: The Lions' defense looked great against Green Bay last week. Teryl Austin has his unit playing hard, which should pay off on the road against the Jets this week.

Butt's pick: Lions 21, Jets 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Park's take: Read Butt's take. This one is simple for me.

Park's pick: Steelers 42, Buccaneers 14

Butt's pick: Read Park's take. This one is simple for me.

Butt's pick: Steelers 38, Buccaneers 17

Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders (in London)

Park's take: Derek Carr takes the reins and Denarius Moore makes up for his drop that cost them a chance to complete their #tuckrule revenge. Did the Dolphins ever find the diamond earring?

Park's pick: Raiders 28, Dolphins 22 (OT)

Butt's take: Miami and Oakland fly to London, a difficult trip for both teams. But the lack of downfield targets available to Derek Carr hurts them once again.

Butt's pick: Dolphins 24, Raiders 10

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers

Park's take: Jacksonville will surprise most of us but fall short. Close game until Antonio Gates' second touchdown snag. #StartGates

Park's pick: Chargers 31, Jaguars 20

Butt's take: The Jaguars finally made the right move in giving the offense to Blake Bortles. But San Diego is playing like a top five team right now. At home, this one should be easy.

Butt's pick: Chargers 27, Jaguars 13

Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

Park's take: The Eagles continue to battle till the final whistle is blown. One of my third graders at the church I volunteered at tonight said, "Nick Foles is overestimated." (I think he meant overrated.)

Park's pick: Eagles 27, 49ers 24

Butt's take: Suddenly, the 49ers' defense doesn't look so scary. The secondary is very beatable and the Eagles can throw downfield. But the Eagles haven't started strong defensively yet so this could be a close one.

Butt's take: Eagles 35, 49ers 31

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

Park's take: The Falcons don't like rare steak. They love fresh blood behind center.

Park's pick: Falcons 37, Vikings 17

Butt's take: Teddy Bridge-over-troubled-water, welcome to the NFL.

Butt's pick: Falcons 41, Vikings 20

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

Park's take: #SaintsSteamroll plugged in and Drew Brees finds Jimmy Graham wide open in the end zone like my mouth at Chipotle (picture that, Jason). Morris Claiborne storms off the field this time.

Park's pick: Saints 38, Cowboys 28

Butt's take: Drew Brees has a three-touchdown day and Khiry Robinson finds the end zone at least once. The Cowboys try to keep up but can't, much like Daniel with his picks thus far.

Butt's pick: Saints 35, Cowboys 27

New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

Park's take: No Bernard Pollard this time around and a bitter Tom Brady makes it hail in Kansas City. #4touchdowns

Park's pick: Patriots 31, Chiefs 14

Butt's take: When will Tom Brady and this offense wake up? I'd like to think this week but I'm not so sure. The Patriots are on upset alert on the road.

Butt's pick: Chiefs 24, Patriots 21

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