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Wesseling: Flacco's arm third strongest in the league

The Superheroes (Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling and Dan Hanzus) at Around the NFL are talking #RavensFootball again, this time Joe Flacco's arm strength. We'll take it.

Maddie Meyer

Earlier today, Baltimore Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro was ranked third-best in the league among his rookie cohorts. A few hours later, in a hilarious discussion comparing the NFL's strongest arms, Joe Flacco's name dropped almost too naturally.

Flacco's arm is third on this Strong-Armed Cast created by Around the NFL's staff writer Chris Wesseling. In the Superhero's words:

"The first three [Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, Flacco] is probably a consensus around the NFL, you could throw [Aaron] Rodgers in there, but I think those four are probably indisputable," Wesseling shared.

Steelers' leader Ben Roethlisberger, who is 11-12 lifetime against Baltimore, placed seventh on Wesseling's corps d'elite.

Ravens' defensive backs are in for a fun ride this season. No favors is right, Chuck Mills; Baltimore's secondary is set to face off the majority of those mentioned on Wesseling's list: No. 6 Panthers Cam Newton (on Sunday), No. 8 Colts' Andrew Luck (Week 5), honorable mention Bucs' Mike Glennon (Week 6) and No. 10 Jaguars' Blake Bortles (Week 14).

The Superheroes took turns clowning on former Cleveland Browns' gunslinger Colt McCoy.

"Where is Colt McCoy on this list?" Sesseler joked.
Wessling shuffled through his papers, responding, "Probably 70th?"

There are 32 starting quarterbacks in the league, and McCoy currently holds the clipboard for Kirk Cousins while Robert Griffin III gingerly walks around in a boot.

Hanzus chimed in, "He [McCoy] would be there for backyard quarterback."

Ouch. I didn't think the former Texas Longhorm was that weak. Watch the rest of the video if you're into listening to a group of grown men trolling NFL quarterbacks and best, each other.