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NFL sponsors are avoiding Ravens games

If the owners lose money, Roger Goodell's job could be in jeopardy.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: I know we're all sick of talking about the Ray Rice situation, but here's a very interesting nugget that could actually start impacting if Roger Goodell loses his support from the owners. If you don't want to read or comment on any Ray Rice related stories, go to another story.

Given the magnitude of the landscape of debauchery that is today's NFL, every move made regarding the league is now being looked at from media entities far outside the sports world. TMZ has certainly done their damage and now I'd like to bring you an interesting nugget from gossip website, The Hollywood Reporter:

Multiple media buyers tell THR that clients have requested their ads not appear during games featuring the Ravens or Minnesota Vikings, the team of suspended running back Adrian Peterson (due in a Texas court Oct. 8 on a child abuse charge for whipping his 4-year-old son). CBS, which kicked off it's $275 million Thursday Night Football package Sept. 11 with strong ratings for a Ravens game, had one sponsor ask to be removed from the broadcast and another requested its ads shift, likely away from a discussion of the violence issue during CBS Sports' pre game report.

CBS declined to identify the sponsors.

The NFL can command ridiculous amounts for advertisements and even if someone decides to terminate their contract with the league as the Ravens did to Ray Rice, there will be more advertisers lining up for an opportunity. The biggest thing to look at is to see what renewals will look like for the league as most of the money for this season is paid upfront.

Proctor and Gamble already pulled out of a joint venture for Breast Cancer Awareness with the league, but thus far, no money has been taken from the league's pockets, which subsequently impacts the bottom line of the owners. If that changes, so could Roger Goodell's support (and job status) from the owners.

Can we please get back to a point where gossip sites would rather cover inaccurate reports about celebrity divorces instead of football?

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