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If the Ravens opt for more three-WR sets, Marlon Brown should be the guy

Jacoby Jones has left much to be desired in 2014.

Jason Miller

With Dennis Pitta's season over, the Ravens will fill the void in a variety of ways. One of the things they will likely do is run more three-receiver sets. In those three-receiver sets, Marlon Brown should be starting over Jacoby Jones.

Jones has been disappointing so far.

In Week 1, Jones dropped a perfect pass — not the heave-and-pray variety that Flacco's critics commonly accuse him of throwing. Jones had the secondary beat, and should have caught it in stride, no contortions or stopping needed. But it was dropped. And Jones failed to catch a similar pass on Sunday as well.

Brown has only had one pass thrown his way, but he did the thing a receiver is supposed to do when the ball is thrown his way. He caught it.

Kamar Aiken even understood that and has caught most of the balls thrown his way.

Brown is also a better red zone weapon, as he caught all seven of his touchdowns in the red zone, while Jones has tended to vanish inside the 20-yard line.

Jones has also been underwhelming as a punt returner, as the Ravens lost several yards when he's let the punts bounce yesterday against the Browns instead of making an effort to field them.

Jones has to play better, as he's been outplayed by both Brown and Aiken.