marvun22 Ravens mock 3.0

I have us anywhere from 18-25 at this point, so have that in mind. And I'll give a guess on what comp picks we get. A 4th for Art Jones, a 5th for Corey Graham, a 5th for Michael Oher, and I'll give us a 7th for McKinnie and a 6th for Rolando McClain.

Round 1: Jaelan Strong, WR, Arizona State. Strong would be the final piece to add to our WR core. With Michael Campanaro hopefully as our slot WR, and with Torrey as a #1, Strong complements them greatly.

Round 2: Marcus Peters, CB, Stanford. Dang, I wanted to put Denzel Perryman here so badly, but I doubt he would make it here. Peters would give us the #3 CB I believe we need and Asa could be our #4.

Round 3: Alvin Dupree, LB, Kentucky. We could use another OLB and Dupree also has good size and could move down to DE in a 4-3.

Round 4: Chucky Hunter, DL, TCU. I would like 1 more D-Linemen for depth purposes and Hunter is a good pick up in the 4th.

4th comp: Corey Grant, RB, Auburn. Taliaferro is a power back and Pierce has injury problems recently. Grant is more of a speed back, which would complement our other RB's well.

5th comp #1: Trey DePriest, LB, Alabama. Since I couldn't get us Denzel Perryman, I had to settle for this dude. I want a bigger LB and DePriest is 6'1" 245 pounds.

5th comp #2: C.J. Uzomah, TE, Auburn. Despite what Owen Daniels did in Pittsburgh, I wouldn't mind taking our #3 TE in the draft this year.

6th round (via Dallas): Austin Shepherd, OL, Auburn. Just some OL depth. I have literally ran into a wall thinking about what to draft. Nearly everything I think we need has been filled.

7th round (via Miami): Ronald Martin, S, LSU. Safety depth? I literally am running out of options.

Okay now to my earlier statement about Denzel Perryman. You guys probably this last year. Brent Urban. Once I scouted him, I put him in nearly every mock draft up to the draft. And for the few mock drafts I did on here the year before, I used the same treatment on Ray-Ray Armstrong. He is an early 2nd round prospect. We won't reach on him in the 1st and he won't make it to us in the 2nd. I really have big prospect-crush on Perryman. I just really want him. He's 6' 242 pounds. I don't know why, I just would absolutely love if we got him.

If we did get him, I would absolutely love if we moved to a permanent 4-3, got Dennis Allen or Gus Bradley as a DC, and run with this lineup.

LDE: Suggs, Upshaw

RDE: Dumervil, Upshaw

LDT: Ngata, Williams

RDT: Jernigan, Tyson

Strong side OLB: Mosely

MLB: Perryman

Weak-side OLB: Art Brown, Daryl Smith

I mean look at that. I've always thought Art Brown's best fit is as a 4-3 weak-side LB. With a great DL and 3 LB's who all can fly all over the field, I'd drool over that lineup. And if we got our #3 CB and Brooks can develop into the FS we need. And if Elam becomes the player that we thought we're getting in the 1st round.

Okay, I get distracted easily. Don't be afraid to say what you think, positive or negative.

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