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Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta injures right hip

Pitta was carted off of the field.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens may have suffered a major blow Sunday afternoon.

Tight end Dennis Pitta caught a well-designed screen pass and cut to his left. All of a sudden it looked like his right leg gave out and he stumbled to the ground.

Then, this was announced:

Pitta was carted off of the field and looked to be in agonizing pain. Cameras caught him with his hands over his face as the cart was driving off of the field. The injury appears severe and one that could potentially cause Pitta to miss the rest of the season.

In addition, Pitta's career becomes a concern. This would be two major injuries to the same hip in consecutive seasons.

You hope that somehow this isn't as bad as it seems. But it sure doesn't look good at this time.