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Ravens' secondary should have its best performance on Sunday

For the first time this season, the Ravens are likely to be at full strength at the cornerback position. With that being said, expect the secondary to perform its best so far on Sunday.

Patrick Smith

There has been enough bad news occurring for the Baltimore Ravens over the past few weeks. It has been rough for the team and us fans.

However, I'm not a pessimistic guy. I like to look at the positive side of every situation, especially when it comes to sports. When my team loses, I say "All right, we'll get 'em next time," instead of saying "I can't believe we just lost, we stink."

That, however, is not always the right approach to take. Sometimes it could lead to this thing called being biased, which is something that has to be thrown out the window as a sports journalist. Over the years, I have learned that to be true, and I have taught myself to have an open mind and not be one-sided in discussions or articles about my favorite team.

Sorry for getting off on a tangent there, because that has nothing to do with what this article is about. Referring back to the main title (which sounds a little biased in its self), why should the Ravens secondary have its best performance of the season in week three against the Cleveland Browns?

It's a very simple two word answer — Lardarius Webb. The star cornerback, who has been the Ravens number one guy since coming into the league four years ago, is likely to play his first game of the season on Sunday. He has been out since the second day of training camp with a back injury, missing the whole preseason, so fans will be thrilled to see him back out there.

It's always a good sight to see that man on the field. He's a talent, but an injured one. When he's on the field, he makes a huge impact, making plays in coverage and the running game. However, some guys just can't stay healthy, and that pertains to Webb.

On top of that, Asa Jackson has been a full participant in practice this week along with Webb, and is also likely to play. Essentially, when he suffered a concussion in Thursday night's game, it didn't look to good, so this should come as a relief to most fans.

Enough of being biased.

This all sounds great and everything, but the Ravens remain a bit thin at cornerback and they have a bunch of safeties that, although talented, are young and unproven commodities.

Matt Elam and Terrence Brooks are both high-draft picks and extremely talented guys, but relying on rookies or second-year players at two starting positions in the secondary isn't the best situation to be in. relying on one isn't bad, but two is pushing it a little.

The third and fourth cornerbacks, Asa Jackson and Chykie Brown, are also big question marks. They are both in their third year but are yet to get a significant amount of playing time.

All I have to say is — we shall see.