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What to watch for when the Ravens face the Browns

Some important things to look for during the game on Sunday.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens defensive line vs. Browns offensive line

Seeing as the Browns wide receivers shouldn't prove much of a threat to the Ravens corners with or without Lardarius Webb, and seeing how Jordan Cameron will likely be less than 100% if he even plays, the biggest concern for the Ravens is shutting down the Browns rushing attack of Terrence West and Isaiah Crowell, two very talented RBs. To do so the Ravens need to beat the Browns up front, which is no easy task seeing as the Browns have Joe Thomas at left tackle and Alex Mack at center. Expect Brandon Williams to get more playing time.

Ravens offensive line vs. Browns defensive line

The Browns have a very talented defensive front that can rush the passer. The Ravens have done fairly well protecting Joe Flacco these first two weeks against the Bengals and Steelers, so let's see if they can keep it up.

Ravens run game

The Browns have allowed the Saints and Steelers to rush for a combined total of 303 yards and three touchdowns. A revitalized looking run game should be good to go against the Browns.

Ravens wide receivers vs Browns cornerbacks

The Browns could opt to pay more attention to Torrey Smith, shutting him down at the cost of letting Steve Smith, Dennis Pitta, Owen Daniels, and Justin Forsett run free. Or they could pay more attention to a revitalized-looking Steve Smith at the risk of Torrey Smith making them regret it. Regardless of whatever the Browns do, their secondary has allowed 599 passing yards over the last two games. Also, expect Flacco to pick on Justin Gilbert during the game.

Any Johnny Manziel packages

The Browns hinted last month that they may run some Wildcat-esque plays with Johnny Manziel. Last week Manziel came on for three plays; two handoffs and an incomplete pass. The Browns may give Manziel some more playing time this week.

Ravens tight ends vs. Browns inside linebackers

The Saints matched up Jimmy Graham vs. the Browns inside linebackers and it worked wonderfully. Pitta and Daniels aren't Graham, but the matchup should still work if used properly.