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NFL, NFLPA agree to new performance-enhancing drugs policy

Three players eligible to return to their teams immediately.

Ronald Martinez

The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to a new steroids policy that will go into effect immediately.

The key measure on the NFL's side was to implement HGH testing, which it was able to get passed. It will be fully implemented this season. While the NFLPA had previously stated players will not be tested on game days, that was not mentioned in the NFL's release on Wednesday, though that is still understood to be the case.

Third-party arbitrators will handle any appeals from players that tested positive for HGH.

As expected, players that tested positive for amphetamines during the offseason of the 2014 calendar year — Broncos receiver Wes Welker, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick and Rams receiver Stedman Bailey — will be eligible to rejoin their teams immediately instead of finishing out their suspensions.

Discipline on testing positive for HGH and performance-enhancing drugs will change too.

A first violation will get a player banned for up to six games depending on the severity of the offense. A second violation will get a player banned for 10 games. If a player tests positive a third time, the punishment increases to two years.

If a player tests positive for a banned stimulant, the punishment will be a four-game suspension.

The NFL is expected to soon announce amendments to its substance-abuse policy. As far as the Ravens are concerned, they should know where they stand with safety Will Hill, who is currently suspended for testing positive for marijuana during the offseason.