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Ray Rice drawing interest from NFL teams

Recently waived Ravens running back has reportedly drawn interest from a few NFL teams

Rob Carr

Bleacher Report NFL Insider Jason Cole mentioned that a few NFL teams are keeping their eyes out for recently waived Ravens running back Ray Rice. 

With Rice looking to appeal his indefinite suspension, he could likely be back around week six of the NFL season if his appeal wins. With the media blast around his domestic violence case, it could really go either way. While many feel that the indefinite suspension is the right course of action, it is relatively unprecedented for the NFL to have done to a first time offender. They could easily back down given Rice's clean record off the field combined with his hours of charity work or they could uphold the suspension given the video evidence and fan outcry to the lighter two game suspension Goodell handed down initially.

If Rice wins his suspension appeal, there are a number of likely suitors for a running back that is still in his prime. While Rice likely wouldn't get the same type of contract he did before, there are enough teams that wouldn't mind the backlash to create a minor bidding war for the former Pro Bowl player.