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Is the AFC North the best division in the NFL? John Harbaugh thinks it might be

Two games in and John Harbaugh believes the AFC North is the best division in the NFL this year.

Gregory Shamus

This may be a bit of a premature question. But here goes: Is the AFC North the best division in the NFL this season?

I think a lot of folks will point to the NFC West, though San Francisco didn't do itself any favors in its collapse against the Bears on Sunday night. The Seahawks looked strikingly human against San Diego. The Rams' offense is nothing without Sam Bradford. And while the Cardinals are atop the division, they aren't putting fear into any opponent.

Conversely, the AFC North has the Bengals at 2-0 and saw the Browns beat the Saints this past Sunday. Baltimore lost a close game against Cincinnati but manhandled Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh edged Cleveland. So is there any merit to the AFC North being the best?

Ravens coach John Harbaugh certainly thinks so.

"Hey, we may be in the best division in football, if you watch the way the season started," Harbaugh told reporters on Monday. "We're not surprised by that, and we're not at all surprised by the challenge that faces us."

What do you guys think? Is Harbaugh accurate in this statement? Vote below.