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Ravens preparing to see Johnny Manziel on Sunday

Manziel saw brief time during Sunday's game against the Saints, though Brian Hoyer is the clear starter and go-to quarterback.

Gregory Shamus

It was only for three plays, but the flashy rookie made his NFL debut.

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel came in against the Saints and saw the field for the first time. Two of the plays were handoffs. The other was an incomplete pass. Brian Hoyer took the rest of the snaps at quarterback.

The Browns, at minimum, are making the Ravens prepare for this look, which is probably what the intention was, given the nature of it being a key divisional game. By making the Ravens think about Manziel, it diverts attention from other aspects Cleveland might be looking to implement offensively.

As a result, the Ravens are preparing for some Manziel packages, coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Monday.

"We anticipate seeing Manziel, certainly," Harbaugh said. "Brian Hoyer played really well. Brian Hoyer had the go-ahead drive at the end to win the game. [Hoyer] played well throughout the whole game. I think he's proving himself as a ... How many games has he won there? Pretty much all of them since he has been the starter as the Cleveland quarterback. So, he's the best quarterback they've had in a number of years. He's playing great. Then they have Johnny Manziel, also, as part of their arsenal. So, it's something to contend with for sure, both those guys."

Of course, it's important to note how consistent Hoyer has been even though it's popular to overlook it. As a starter, Hoyer is now 4-1. While his numbers haven't been staggering to start the year, he did throw for 204 yards and a touchdown, all while going interception and fumble free against an aggressive Saints defense. The Browns got a surprising win over New Orleans 26-24.

After a troublesome first half against Pittsburgh, Hoyer led the Browns back to tie the game late. But the Steelers were able to knock in a game-winning field goal to get a 30-27 win.

Even so, it's likely Manziel does come in for a handful of plays. The Ravens will do their part this week to make sure they're ready for the former Heisman Trophy winner.