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How the Ravens can tune up their red zone offense

The Ravens weren't awful in the red zone, but they could use a little help. Here's how they could improve.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some suggestions for the Ravens in improving their red zone offense:

Take out Justin Forsett in goal-line situations

This isn't a bash on Forsett or a call for Lorenzo Taliaferro (although I would like to see more of him). It's just that Forsett has a very similar build to Ray Rice, who, as you recall me saying in an earlier post, was never a goal-line back. Taliaferro, Bernard Pierce, Kyle Juszczyk and even Joe Flacco are all better options at trying to power the ball in.

Use some of the bigger receiving targets

I love Steve Smith (who doesn't?), but at 5-9, Joe Flacco has to throw a near perfect pass for him to catch it in the end zone. The Ravens have 6-5 Marlon Brown, 6-5 Dennis Pitta, 6-6 Crockett Gillmore, 6-3 Owen Daniels, 6-0 Torrey Smith and 6-0 Juszczyk. Obviously all of those guys can't be on the field at once, but using the tallest receivers in the Ravens receiving core should help improve their red zone efficiency.

Nix the end-arounds

The Ravens and Steelers both used end-arounds in the red zone on Thursday. Neither of them gained more than two yards. End-arounds are supposed to put wide receivers in space to let them use their speed to gain massive yardage. In the red zone there isn't much space, so end-arounds will go for negative to minimal gains more often than they do touchdowns.

Keep using the play action fakes

Joe Flacco threw two touchdown passes to a wide open Owen Daniels off of play-action fakes. Keep doing that. It's a recipe for success in the Gary Kubiak offense.