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Ray Rice To Appeal Indefinite Suspension

The former Ravens running back will appeal on Monday

Ronald Martinez

ESPN and ProFootballTalk have both reported that former Ravens running back Ray Rice will appeal his indefinite suspension handed down by the league on Monday. According to the NFL, Rice's actions were "starkly different" than what he had explained to the league in a meeting June. Ultimately, the league decided to increase Rice's two-game suspension to indefinitely.

Rice's actions deserve a stiff punishment, but it's clear that Rice has a case against the league given the "Double Jeopardy" argument of being punished twice for the same offense.

At this point, it's unclear if Rice will ever step foot onto an NFL field again. Whether or not you believe in second changes, if Rice were to receive one, it should be a decision made by one of the 32 team owners, not the league itself.

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