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Owen Daniels catches two touchdowns in win over Steelers

Daniels was Baltimore's top red zone threat Thursday night.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when there was some doubt as whether Owen Daniels would be ready for this season?

Yeah, about that...

The veteran tight end caught five passes for 28 yards and two touchdowns in Baltimore's 26-6 win over the Steelers on Thursday night. Sure, the yardage total was low, but Daniels was Joe Flacco's primary red zone threat for the night.

Daniels' game combined with No. 1 tight end Dennis Pitta, who had three catches for 30 yards.

On Daniels' first touchdown, from the 2-yard line on Baltimore's first possession, he sneakily broke to his left with the play design being a fake run to the right. The entire Steelers defense sucked in on the play, which left Daniels wide open in the end zone.

His second touchdown came on another play fake that left Daniels wide open in the middle of the end zone in the third quarter.

If the Ravens can get this added threat from Daniels, they'll be in good shape with the passing game. When Daniels was signed, this was how he projected to fit in. With how his preseason went, there appeared to be some worry as to how much he could produce.

Daniels left no doubt about where he's at for the 2014 season on Thursday night.