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Steve Bisciotti speaks to WBAL about Ray Rice incident

Following his Baltimore Sun interview, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti spoke on camera with WBAL about why they stood behind Ray Rice for so long.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti gave a 20-minute interview with WBAL, admitting once again that the organization failed to act accordingly with Ray Rice.

Bisciotti explained that the version of events he received was that Rice hit his wife, Janay Rice, his then-fiancee, with an open hand and then her head hit a wall int he elevator. He admitted that in his mind he envisioned a scenario where both Ray and Janay Rice were hitting each other before the open-hand hit.

This reasoning won't sit well with a lot of folks. But in a sense, he does own up to the fact that he thought of this scenario because, "I wanted to." It's easy for anyone to create certain images of what possibly happened in their own mind, especially when, as Bisciotti put it, you love that person.

But the video released to TMZ told a different story. And from there, that's why the Ravens, as Bisciotti and the front office has stated, changed their stance on Monday.