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NFL coaches don't care about your fantasy team

It's the unpleasant truth for fantasy football owners.

Otto Greule Jr

There was a recent Pro Football Talk article titled "Ricardo Lockette 1, Fantasy Owners 0". The main concept of the post was that Lockette scored a touchdown that benefited no one's fantasy team, as Lockette is owned in 0% of leagues. Looking back the Seahawks-Packers game, it wasn't a good game for non-Marshawn Lynch fantasy owners. Derrick Coleman and Ricardo Lockette scored the only Seahawks receiving touchdowns, and the game did not have a single 100 yard receiver. Jordy Nelson had 83 yards receiving, Eddie Lacy only had 34 yards, and John Kuhn stole all the red zone carries.

Likewise, fantasy owners were also upset at the fact that Larry Fitzgerald only had one reception on Monday. But I don't recall a coach ever saying, "Player A is owned in millions of fantasy leagues and we failed to give him the ball today. We'll make sure to give him lots of targets/carries, especially in the red zone." and I'm willing to bet I never will.

Their players' fantasy football performances are the last thing in their minds. Winning is what they're concerned with, as that's what keeps them employed, not fantasy wins, or else Jim Schwartz and Rob Chudzinski would be employed instead of Bill Belichick and John Harbaugh.

Bruce Arians said yesterday in response to Larry Fitzgerald's lack of attention that " targeting a specific receiver is an interception waiting to happen." And he's right.

Remember that when one of your fantasy starters aren't doing too well, his coach doesn't care about his fantasy day.

It's just a game — a fake game — at the end of the day.