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Baltimore Beatdown's weekend questions thread

Five questions, some Ravens related, some not. Let's go!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So I saw on some non-Ravens blogs that they had semi-regular weekend questions threads and decided that it's high time to have one here.

1. What song would you replace Seven Nation Army with as the Ravens theme song?

2. Which of the 15 non-Flacco QBs that have started for the Ravens would you choose to have as his back up?

3. Which owner is worse, Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder?

4. How much would it tick you off if Jerome Boger went and said that he made some calls in Super Bowl 47 that keeps him up at night?

5. After getting emasculated by the Seahawks, Broncos fans responded to the taunts of the fans of the other 30 teams with the predictable "At least we made it to the Super Bowl" defense. Which brings up the question: Is it worse to get humiliated in the Super Bowl or to miss it entirely?

We'll post some of the best responses in a new thread.