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NFL begins experiment on PATs

Kickers will have to connect on 33-yard field goals for PAT's during the first two weeks of the preseason.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, only five of a total 1,267 extra point attempts failed to fly between the crossbars. At a 99.6% conversion rate, extra points serve as a head start - depending on where the Ravens are playing - to run to the refrigerator or concession stands to grab another beer.

After a strong push to virtually take the "foot" out of football with kickoffs (see Pro Bowl), the league is trying to make point after attempts more interesting.

For the first two weeks of the preseason, the NFL will move the ball back from the 2 yard line to the 20, turning a 19-20 yard standard extra point attempt to approximately 33 yards. The move will add more excitement but it may not change many of the outcomes given that kickers converted on 83 percent of kicks between 40 and 49 percent last year.

As a former soccer player, I love the kicking aspect in football and welcome the changes the league is attempting to make. Preseason games certainly lack drama, but if the league finds this change adding a new element to the game, it'll likely be here to stay for the long-haul.

So, what do you think? Do you like the change or think the point-after should just be eliminated from football entirely?