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I'm excited for some preseason football

To most it's Football Lite. To me it's spring after a six month winter.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Most people view the preseason as nothing major, just as time to evaluate a new coaching staff, quarterback competition, free agent signings and rookies getting acclimated to the real NFL. And they're right preseason football has no bearing on the outcome of the regular season, unless a major player suffers a horrific injury during one of the games.

But for me it's football again after a six (or eight for those of you who didn't watch the postseason) month fast. Some of you pass the time by watching lesser other sports such as baseball, basketball, the Winter Olympics, hockey, and wussball soccer. Being a football purist I don't find those other sports entertaining. Is it narrow minded? Yes. Do I care? No.

I know, Joe Flacco will play about five minutes of football and attempt about 10 passes at most before going to the bench and then watching over three quarters of guys who are likely to be on a practice squad or flipping patties at your local fast food chain playing JV Football in an NFL stadium. But it's football and it's better than nothing.

Only another month guys. Go Football and Go Ravens!