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Team site gets players' reactions to Madden 15 rankings's Ryan Mink got players' reactions on this year's Madden 15 video game.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Now this is some funny stuff.

A couple of days ago, we took note of the Madden 15 rankings.'s Ryan Mink then decided to ask the players themselves what they thought about said rankings in what ultimately became a hilarious segment for the Internet.

Mink got a golden quote from Steve Smith, who said he stopped dealing with Madden after ... well, just read what he had to say.

"But I haven't really played Madden [as an adult]," Smith said. "I'm going to get my game and put it next to the other ones that I haven't opened up. This is when I stopped playing [add] it: when we were allowed to vote for Peyton Hillis, the running back. When they put him on the cover, I was done with them. Where's Peyton Hillis at right now?"

To answer Smith's question, he's a third or fourth-string running back with the Giants. But wow, what a burn.

Other players had some great takes, especially when it's mentioned that 25 players were given greater toughness rankings than right guard Marshal Yanda.

CLICK HERE to read (and watch) what the players told Mink about this year's Madden game.