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How many games does Browns rookie QB Johnny Manziel play?

The Browns rookie appears to be behind Brian Hoyer for the role of Week One starter, but it's logical to assume he'll play in 2014.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel is the 20-somethingeth QB/savior of the Browns franchise and he's possibly the most heralded one yet.

After all ESPN and NFL Network are pretty much Johnny TV with a splash of LeBron, Richard Sherman and Ray Rice. His fans include the Bush family, Drake, LeBron, and Justin Bieber. His jerseys sold #1 over Jadeveon Clowney and Michael Sam. Browns fans celebrated Johnny being drafted like it was the second coming.

So there's no reason that Jimmy Haslam is going to play Brian Hoyer for 16 games over Johnny "Cash-Grab-Savior-No.-20" Manziel. Especially if they start losing. But how much losing is required for Johnny to start?

Clearly if the Browns lose to the Steelers on Week 1, Clevelanders will do everything short of riot in the streets and demand that Mike Pettine starts Johnny (or maybe they will, these people have done some irrational things from time to time).

Pettine will probably stick to his guns and start Hoyer for a few more games as coaches tend to do and in an effort to not look like an owner whose too involved in his teams functions Haslam will probably give Pettine the thumbs-up.

However as the losses pile up, especially once the Browns get closer to midseason and as Terrell Suggs said the Browns enter a "State of Emergency" the fans will definitely get angrier and demand that Johnny starts at which point I imagine that Haslam will force Pettine to start Johnny Manziel to make the people happy.

But you know that's just all a guess. Hoyer could get injured and Johnny could be forced to start.