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Ravens have no shortage of veterans seeking a Super Bowl

A few veterans on Baltimore's roster are still chasing a Super Bowl title.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Quality organizations attract veterans seeking to add a Super Bowl to their already illustrious resume. The Patriots have Darrelle Revis, the Broncos have DeMarcus Ware, and the Packers have Julius Peppers. The Ravens have quite a few veterans looking to win a Super Bowl.

Here are a few Baltimore has on its roster this year.

Steve Smith: 14 seasons

The Panthers' leading wide receiver has all of Carolina's receiving records some special teams records. He has five Pro Bowls, three All-Pros and was the best wide receiver in the NFL in 2005. He has done this in spite of Carolina lacking a No. 2 to take pressure of off him outside of Muhsin Muhammad. He has been to the playoffs four times and has lost the only Super Bowl he's been in. He has caught passes from an inglorious group of quarterbacks including Jake Delhomme, Chris Weinke, Brian St.Pierre, Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen.

Daryl Smith: 11 seasons

The Jacksonville Jaguars all-time leading tackler hasn't had much to celebrate in his career, despite its decoration. He's only made it to the postseason two times in his career. He's never played in a Pro Bowl, possibly due to the obscurity of the Jaguars franchise.

Elvis Dumervil: 9 seasons

The three-time Pro Bowler, who was the NFL sacks leader in 2009 and 50% of the Broncos vaunted "Doom and Gloom" pass rush, has only been to the playoffs twice in his career. The best chance he had at a Super Bowl didn't end well. We all know what happened.

Owen Daniels: 9 seasons

The two-time Pro Bowler has only been to the postseason two times and has never made it to the AFC Championship, and he was on the worst team in the league in 2013. Better days are hopefully ahead for Daniels.