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Chykie Brown bounces back with solid practice at Navy

After a poor start to camp, Chykie Brown had a solid day at Baltimore's practice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

News flash:

Yes, the same Chykie Brown that has not had an ideal start to training camp was able to record an interception and end Monday's practice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium with one of his best practices to date this preseason. Brown is still fighting for the third cornerback job and will need to continue stacking quality practices on top of each other.

Monday night's, evidently, was a good start.

"Chykie did have a nice night," coach John Harbaugh told reporters after practice on Monday. "He did a great job. Chykie, in the last week, has really come on. He's calmed down a little bit. He's playing assignment and technique football, and really, at that position, you have to play with some patience, and he's doing that."

Based on what Harbaugh had to say, perhaps Brown began camp a little too anxious, knowing how important this preseason means toward his football career. Entering a contract year, Brown needs to prove his value and worth to the organization. Otherwise, he'll be looking for a new job next season.