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Ravens quarterback Keith Wenning has impressive outing at Navy

Coach John Harbaugh had some positive things to say about how his rookie quarterback performed Monday night.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

No one has really talked about rookie quarterback Keith Wenning's preseason. That is, until Monday night.

Participating in an open practice in Annapolis, Md. at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Wenning put on a show for the fans in attendance. His performance drew some praise from coach John Harbaugh, who spoke to reporters following the open practice.

"I'll tell you, Keith was on fire during the third-down drill," Harbaugh said. "Did he have an incompletion? And it wasn't just converting [first downs], it was throwing touchdown passes. That's a good thing. He did a nice job of driving the team down there at the end in the two-minute [drill]. [He] didn't quite get the two-point conversion — we made it a little tougher on him — but he handled himself with a lot of poise. There are still some wrinkles to iron out — delay of games, getting the guys in the right formations, and things like that, which is [the case for] any rookie quarterback. He's doing a heck of a job."

If Wenning continues to progress like this, then the Ravens may not have another choice but to keep three quarterbacks on the roster. As it stands now, that's probably likely, given the franchise spent a draft pick on Wenning. It would be tough to cut Tyrod Taylor at this time, though this is a new offense and everyone had to learn a new playbook. And if Wenning winds up the better backup quarterback by the end of the preseason, the Ravens could part ways with Taylor and be OK with it.

But Taylor, in all likelihood, will still be Baltimore's No. 2 quarterback. After this year, however, he'll likely move on, giving Wenning the chance to be Joe Flacco's primary backup. If Wenning continues to impress Harbaugh the way he did Monday night, then the Ravens could be in good hands moving forward.