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Is Will Hill going to make the Ravens' final 53-man roster?

Will Hill can provide the Ravens a talented safety at Week 7, if he returns to form and makes the roster.


When the Ravens signed Will Hill it was signed as an opportunity for both parties. For the Ravens, they had the chance to rent a safety with a lot of talent and potential or at the least get some more proven depth. For Will Hill, he got the chance to have a career revival and cash in with some team that will probably pay him more money than the Ravens will. However there's a certain amount of risk involved for Will Hill.

He is guaranteed nothing.

Will Hill is making $570,000 this year and due to his suspension he won't even be getting all of that. The Ravens have rookies making more than that. The Ravens probably have it written somewhere in his contract that if he gets in any trouble he'll be instantly cut with no losses to them except time and a little bit of PR that they probably lost anyway.

It's not like the Ravens need Hill, they did fine with James Ihedigbo at Free Safety last year and I don't believe that Darian Stewart is too far below his talent level or that the Ravens can't coach him up beyond his level of ability.

If Will Hill is going to get a job this year he's going to have to play hard, take another guys' job, and stay on the straight and narrow.