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How much are Torrey Smith and Justin Tucker worth?

Torrey Smith and Justin Tucker are considered priorities for the Ravens to re-sign. Given their performance, it's probable they'll stay in purple. But how much should the Ravens pay?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has hit 68 of 74 attempted field goals for a 91.9% accuracy rating and has set Ravens franchise records for most points scored, most field goals kicked, longest field goal kicked and most field goals in a single game.

He's proven his status as a clutch kicker, hitting game-winning field goals vs. New England, San Diego, Denver, Cincinnati and Detroit (where he also scored all 18 of the Ravens points). Tucker has made himself notable from outside of Baltimore for multiple honors that included: a Pro Bowl berth, a first-team All-Pro, winning AFC Special Teams Player of the Week three times in November and winning the award for the month of November.

Frankly there is an argument that Justin Tucker is the best kicker in the NFL.

Projected worth: Five years, $20 million.

Stephen Gostkowski and Sebastian Janikowski are both making under $4 million and they're two of the best kickers in the NFL (or at least Janikowski was when he signed his deal). I'd say Tucker is worth $4 million.


Ravens receiver Torrey Smith has been a big piece of the Ravens' offense since being drafted in 2011. As a rookie, he had a breakout season, breaking Jamaal Lewis' record of six Touchdowns by scoring seven.

He's the first rookie to ever score three touchdowns in the same quarter of a game and only one of 12 NFL players to do so. As a second-year player he did even better scoring eight Touchdowns, and was an overlooked hero of the AFC divisional game, torching Champ Bailey for two touchdowns and almost a third.

As a third year player, Smith established himself as Joe Flacco's primary target and had the organization's first 1,000-yard season for any wideout since Derrick Mason had 1,028 in 2009. It's safe to say that Smith's only going to get better with time

Projected Contract: Five years, $42.5 million

Smith's in the second tier of receivers and this is the money that's proportionate to that production. If he continues to progress, maybe he could be valued at an average of $9 million per season.