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Which Ravens are playing, sitting out against the Saints

Which players battling injuries will be playing in week four of the preseason against the Saints and which players won't be?

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens will wrap up their preseason tonight against the New Orleans Saints in the fourth and final game. The fourth preseason game is one in which we refer to as "the bubble game." The reason being because the players that are on "the bubble" fight for their spot on the final 53-man roster in this game.

So what exactly is "the bubble"? It's actually very simple. Any player that has a chance of making the cut but also has a chance of missing the roster can be considered to be on "the bubble". Just to name a few off hand: Jeremy Butler, Kamar Aiken, Tramain Jacobs, and some more are guys that we consider to be on "the bubble".

With that being said, let's take a look at who will be playing and who won't be in week four against New Orleans:

Not playing: CB Lardarius Webb (back), CB Jimmy Smith (chest), CB Asa Jackson (ankle), RB Bernard Pierce (concussion)

The only addition to this list is Pierce. He was hit by Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather in the second quarter of last week's game and left with a concussion.

Webb hasn't participated in a single preseason game after suffering a back injury early on in training camp. Jackson and Smith both missed last week's game against the Skins and they will miss the week four match up against the Saints as well.

These starters weren't going to see the playing field too much in this game either way, but these injuries will give the young players even more opportunities.

Game-time decision: RB Ray Rice (not injury related), OL Jah Reid (concussion)

The Ravens simulated a game without Rice last week just to observe how it would turn out. As you all might know, Rice was suspended for the first two games of the season a few weeks ago, so the thought is that he won't participate in this game to let the Ravens get used to playing without him.

As for Reid, he will likely miss tonight's game. The fourth-year offensive lineman has earned a backup spot on the roster, but he went down last week with a concussion.