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Haloti Ngata appears to kick Redskins player after Alfred Morris run

Ngata could be subject to a fine from the league office.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Haloti Ngata can expect a call from the NFL office this coming week.

Courtesy of Ball Hogs Radio, it appears the Ravens' defensive tackle was unhappy with a late block from a Redskins player that can't easily be identified. The player lays out Dominique Franks near the end of a long Alfred Morris run in the first quarter.

Ngata then came in and appears to kick the player while he's down.

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The NFL won't likely be too happy about that. While the Washington player came in a bit aggressive at the end, making an excuse for kicking a player while they're on the ground probably won't go over well with the league office. Though Ngata's kick didn't appear that violent, it's hard to think the NFL won't take some money out of his pay check.