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Ravens games to circle on the calendar

Every game the Ravens play are occasions to look forward to. It's just that these you can look forward to more.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 vs. Cincinnati

There are a lot of reasons to look forward to this one. First off, we get to see meaningful football for the first time since the Super Bowl (or Week 17, if you only follow the Ravens). Second, we get to see the Ravens play a meaningful game again.Third, it's an opportunity for revenge against the Bengals.

Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh

Ravens. Steelers. Prime time. Steve Smith vs. the Steelers' secondary. Terrell Suggs vs. Ben Roethlisberger. No more needs be said.

Week 3 (or 17) vs. Cleveland

This one is a variable because I don't know how long Brian Hoyer will play before Mike Pettine gets forced to play Johnny Manziel. But you can bet that the Ravens will look forward to sacking Manziel and doing his famous money sign in front of Cleveland.

Week 4 vs. Carolina

Steve Smith goes up against his former team and has promised "blood and guts," saying that he has this circled on his calendar. You should too.

Week 7 vs. Atlanta

Last time the Ravens played the Falcons they lost in the final seconds. This yea,r they have a chance to get even. Also I expect this game to get an undesirable amount of 2008 draft class stories.

Week 9 vs. Pittsburgh

The Steelers are officially retiring Joe Greene's 75 during this game. A win here would certainly be a spoon-breaker and a dagger in the hearts of Steelers fans.

Week 12 vs. New Orleans

The Ravens are the only team that Drew Brees hasn't beaten and they'll look to keep it that way. This is also a good game to travel to.