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Lorenzo 'The Iron Cutter' Taliaferro

A fitting nickname has been found for Lorenzo Taliaferro.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Taliaferro has been winning over the hearts of Ravens fans. And for good reason. His hard-nosed running style is something that we can all get to love,especially in the red zone or when grinding out yards during a victory.

As with a player that you begin to like you try and give him a nickname (also because Lorenzo Taliaferro is a bit of a mouthful). The obvious L.T. is good but it's taken.Twice.

Fortunately Major Major commented on last Saturday's game thread that Taliaferro translates into iron cutter. So how about that as a nickanme? Lorenzo "The Iron Cutter" Taliaferro.

I fell in love with the nickname immediately. Imagine, the Iron Cutter tearing through iron defenses on the way to a touchdown, leaving fallen defenders in his wake. Cool, right? I was definitely thinking of the Iron Cutter shredding through the Steel Curtain when the nickname was presented.

Iron Cutter should be a name that Ravens fans can call out with joy when he breaks through the defense for a first down or a score for a very long time.

What do you think?