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Eight Ravens to captain the ship in 2014

The Ravens' have appointed eight bird whisperers to keep the flock in check throughout the season.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens' have appointed eight bird whisperers to keep their flock in check throughout the upcoming season. Head Coach John Harbaugh vocalized before how significant the player leadership council is, and that the crew of eight will discuss an array of topics from practice schedules to concerns with the team.

"One thing we try to do is that we really try to involve our players in everything we’re doing," Harbaugh said. "That’s part of the process. It’s their team in the end. They’re the guys out there playing the game, and they end up being huge leaders, especially by example."

The board changes from year to year, and normally the team votes on who should captain the ship on the first day of training camp.

Crystal-clear communication is one of the master keys that unlock the gate to success. The gamut of experience under the belts of these wise veterans will guide the Ravens in the right direction. As fans, expect to witness less heated arguments among the players and an increase of constructive criticism being passed on along the sidelines.

This is superb news for the Ravens, who will be led by strong-armed quarterback Joe Flacco, Terrell SuggsHaloti NgataDaryl Smith, Marshal Yanda, Torrey Smith, Steve Smith Sr. and Sam Koch. Punters are people, too.