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What's going on with Ravens tight end Owen Daniels?

He's missed a lot of practice due to simple soreness.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Something seems a bit off with what's going on with Owen Daniels.

Sure, he's coming off a season where he suffered a right fibula fracture and missed the majority of the season. That could naturally lead to some lingering pain if it hasn't healed properly. But Daniels hasn't practiced since two Mondays ago. It would be one thing if he was dealing with something new that's popped up. But leg soreness? That doesn't sound like something many veterans, regardless of age, would miss practice for.

"There's no tear; there's no pull. He has some swelling in his leg with use, and we're playing it safe right now rather than pounding his legs out," Harbaugh told reporters on Tuesday. "It's training camp. He's an older guy, and I'm just following [head certified athletic trainer] Mark [Smith's] instructions on it. He feels like he needs some rest still, so that's what he's getting. But there's no injury there."

Here's the thing: Four players on this Ravens roster have been in the NFL longer than Daniels. Three others have been in the NFL for the same duration (though that includes punter Sam Koch, who wouldn't be dealing with the physical issues someone like Daniels would be going through).

Call me a skeptic but something more seems to be going on. If Daniels can't even participate in walkthrough activities when "there's no injury there," then how will he get through the grind of a full season?

Maybe this turns out OK for the Ravens and Daniels. But something seems a bit strange about why Daniels would not be participating in practice while his older teammates, specifically Daryl Smith (who had a groin injury earlier this preseason), are giving it a go.