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Rick Wagner wins starting job, Jah Reid named team's third tackle

With a "solid" preseason, Wagner has been named Baltimore's starting right tackle.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Wagner made sure to squash any doubt about him being a starting right tackle.

With that position the lone question mark on the offensive line entering the preseason, Wagner has fared well in Baltimore's first two preseason games. As a result, Ravens coach John Harbaugh went ahead and gave Wagner the starting nod during his post-practice press conference on Monday.

"He's been solid. Solid is the next step before being good, and good is the next step before being great," Harbaugh said. "He's on his way in a lot of ways. He has plenty of things to work on, but he does not make mistakes twice. He's a good athlete, and he's really ... [Opposing defenses have] tried to bull rush him and go after him that way, and he has not really been moved too much at all. I'm proud of him."

Wagner has solidified the right side of the line, which has been impressive running the ball this preseason. But that is what Wagner is used to, given he was a great run blocker at right tackle when he was at the University of Wisconsin.

With Wagner getting the starting right tackle job, Harbaugh also announced that Jah Reid will be the team's third tackle.

"Jah has done a heck of a job, too, as far as working his way into the third tackle spot," Harbaugh said.