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Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain stood out against Ravens

Did the Ravens make a mistake by giving up McClain's rights?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Though it was just a preseason game, Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain had some positive moments for his new team.

He had six tackles and forced a fumble during Baltimore's 37-30 preseason win over the Cowboys this past Saturday. Of course, this had to make some in the Ravens' front office shake their heads as they saw the former first-rounder that was briefly with the franchise make some nice plays.

As everyone knows, the Ravens signed McClain after he was released by Oakland in 2013. But after a third arrest in Decatur, Ala. a year ago, McClain decided to retire. Attempting a comeback earlier this offseason with the Ravens, he retired once again. After another change of heart he came back again, but with the Ravens trading his rights to Dallas.

Now the Cowboys, in desperate need of help at linebacker, might look to McClain to fill in either as a rotational player or even become potential starter. It begs this question: Did the Ravens give up on McClain too soon?

Both arguments have their points: 1) McClain jerked the Ravens around for a year and a half to where it just made sense to cut ties and move on. 2) But what harm would it have done to keep McClain around given his potential? The contract was next to nothing and the risk was incredibly low.

So what do you guys think? Should the Ravens have held on to McClain or did they make the right move?

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