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What to watch for against the Cowboys

The Ravens starters will only play 1-2 quarters on Saturday and Dallas' league-worst defense doesn't look like it got much better, so the Ravens new offense might not get a good test vs. the Dallas defense. But there's still plenty to look for.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Kamar Aiken vs. Jeremy Butler

The battle for the #6 wide receiver spot is between Aiken and Butler at this point,both of which will have 2-3 quarters to show why they deserve the job.

Jimmy Smith vs. Dez Bryant

Jimmy Smith looked to be a possible shutdown corner for the Ravens,shutting down the likes of A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall,Calvin Johnson,and Antonio Brown. Dez Bryant would be a nice addition to that list,even if only in preseason.

If Keith Wenning plays more

Wenning only played five snaps against the 49ers,three of them kneeldowns. It could be possible that the Ravens play him more,especially given Tyrod's spotty play against the 49ers.

C.J. Mosley

C.J. Mosley has made no shortage of plays so far, so he should make visible plays in run and pass defense, especially against Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten.

The No. 2 RB battle

Against the 49ers all Pierce,Forsett,and Taliaferro all left good impressions. Against a horrible run defense they should all do the same, but look for them to try and stand out in the areas of ball security and pass protection.

If Asa Jackson plays and how he does

Asa Jackson is leading the race for the nickel job. If he plays and how he plays will give the Ravens more confidence in him.

The No. 3 CB battle

The Cowboys have a decent #3 receiver committee in Cole Beasley,Dwayne Harris,and Devin Street. If Asa can't play then whoever will is going to have a good test. It has been mentioned that rookie Terrence Brooks is playing some nickel so keep an eye out for that.

Extra points

The NFL is testing out longer extra points in the preseason, Justin Tucker has one of the best legs in the league so it shouldn't be a problem.