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Depth Jam 3.0: Ravens rookie Terrence Brooks a nickel option?

Ravens' Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees knows full well that the versatility on his defense is limitless.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees knows full well that the players on his defense are dynamically versatile, and elastic enough to stretch as wide as Megamind's forehead. That is why third-round rookie and free safety Terrence Brooks from Florida State is a terrific choice to start as the team's nickel cornerback.

Florida State's cornerback-converted-safety is a legitimate candidate to relieve the defensive backs' workload in 2014. With Lardarius Webb out due to his back and Asa Jackson nursing an ankle injury, the quick, hard-hitting Brooks is on the come up according to Head Coach John Harbaugh.

Terrence Brooks is coming on...He’s doing great. He’s learning fast. Safeties have a long way to go as rookies, but he’s doing a good job. He’s going to play a lot this year, no doubt."

Defensive coordinator Pees added to Harbaugh's accolades:

"Everybody’s an option right now," Pees said. "We’re just trying to find guys. We’re kind of moving guys around a little bit. We have two more games, really, to kind of experiment with where we want to put guys and see where they fit getting ready for the season...Terrence is playing well; he’s playing hard. He’s a multi-position guy like all of our guys really are. It’s a possibility."

Brooks has practiced with the second- and third-team defenses thus far at the safety position, indicating that Pees is coming to peace with Darian Stewart and Matt Elam in their back end. On the depth chart, Jeromy Miles is listed before Brooks. As for the cornerback spot, the rookie got his first taste during the team's three-day practice with the 49ers.

As I've mentioned in Depth Jam 2.0, not only do the Ravens' defensive ends need to be ultra flexible, but Pees (and I love this) stated that Brooks is "a multi-position guy like all of our guys really are."