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Terrell Suggs: C.J. Mosley reminds him of Patrick Willis

Suggs had some kind words about the rookie in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Mosley has generated some buzz this preseason, especially after his solid performance in the preseason opener against San Francisco last Thursday.

Already, Mosley has caught the eye of the longest tenured Raven on the roster. Terrell Suggs had some positive words about the rookie out of Alabama in an interview with Sports Illustrated, comparing Mosley to one of the NFL's top inside linebackers.

"Oh, he's very athletic and very smart. He actually reminds me of the guy we've been practicing against the past couple days, No. 52 with San Francisco, Mr. [Patrick] Willis. Definitely, because when Willis came into the league, it just clicked for him right away. I definitely see some resemblance with Mosley. Very athletic, intelligence for the game, and a quick study."

The Ravens have been high on Mosley for a long time and seem pleased they were able to get him with their first pick this past May.

Suggs seems to believe Mosley is making every stride to be provide an immediate impact as a rookie. He'll surely get plenty of chances once the regular season opens.