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Joe Flacco speaks with Dan Patrick about Ray Rice's assault case

Joe Flacco went on Dan Patrick's radio show and was asked about Ray Rice. You be the judge of how it went.

Dustin Bradford

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Joe Flacco didn't seem too comfortable talking about Ray Rice on Dan Patrick's radio show.

When Patrick offered up a question as to how he and his wife, Dana Flacco, talked about Rice's assault case at home, the Ravens quarterback did either one of two things: 1) he told the truth, or 2) he sidestepped the question.

"We didn't really ever talk about it in that manner," Flacco said. "In my house, we more just looked at it to see what we could do to help or hope that they're doing OK."

Patrick then made the point that it was definitely a topic in his household, before Flacco confirmed that such a conversation never took place with his significant other. Obviously, the Flaccos have a much different relationship with  the Rices than anyone on the outside. So while many families had a tough conversation about it, maybe the Flaccos really did have that point of view.

Then again, regardless of your perception of the incident, what's Flacco going to say? That he and his wife weren't happy about it? I'm pretty sure a lot of folks still feel that way. The majority of the national NFL audience is still angry about it while a number of local fans would prefer for the story to slowly fade it away. Much to the latter's chagrin, it won't.

Flacco was also asked about the locker room's reaction to what happened.

"I just think he needs to have our support," he said. "I think he's shown us that he's been working hard, I think they've been working together. I think at this point he just needs us to be a brother and support him in what he's doing."

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