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Steve Smith wins bet on how many fights would take place in Ravens-49ers practices

No fights happened.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Harbaugh brothers weren't keen on the narrative of how many fights the Ravens and 49ers would get into during joint practices over the past three days.

Said John Harbaugh: "We're probably going to have 99 percent all great, positive things, but if there is a little shoving match out here, I'm quite sure that that's what will be on these cameras, and it'll be countrywide, and that'll be everybody's take on how it went, right? Because that's how it is all the time. We're going to look for the positive; you all can look for the negative - as usual."

Said Jim Harbaugh: "I know there will be many cameras assembled, gathered, and I'm sure that's what everybody's going to be looking for. That moment when you can capture the negative. We don't anticipate that."

(Note to Harbaughs: I don't think folks necessarily view in-practice fighting as a negative thing. It's more along the lines of added entertainment, WWE style.)

In the end, after three days of joint practices, no fights ever broke out. If you put money on it, you lost.

Except one person that (may or may not have) put money on it won. Speaking to ESPN's Jamison Hensley, Ravens receiver Steve Smith, who has gotten into his share of practice fights in the past, said he guessed the correct number of fights in an office pool.

"I had zero, so I got all the cash," Smith said.

So what we've really learned over these past three days is that if anyone is seeking betting advice, hit up Smith for the right picks.