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Is there a true Ravens No. 2 QB competition between Tyrod Taylor, Keith Wenning?

The Ravens have no controversy as to who will be the starter in 2014. But they drafted a QB to compete with Tyrod Taylor for the back-up job.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports


Players: Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor, Keith Wenning

What To Know: Joe Flacco is the starter. Period. Someone with his wage, resume and experience doesn't have to fight for a job, even coming off of a down season.

It's at back-up where things start to get semi-interesting as the Ravens have drafted Keith Wenning from Ball State in the sixth round, the first draft pick spent on a quarterback since the Ravens drafted Tyrod Taylor in 2011. What makes that more interesting is how John Harbaugh broke character and said that Tyrod Taylor needed to be pushed.

There's more at stake for Taylor than there is for Wenning in this battle as Taylor isn't able to be put on the practice squad and he is also going to be entering free agency after 2014, so he may be competing for a job.

Wenning is practice squad eligible and the Ravens can stash him on IR and give him another year or two to develop. Taylor didn't do anything Friday night to prove that he's changed his run dominated play that he's had since he was drafted in 2011.

Projection: Joe Flacco starts 16 games, Wenning goes on IR to develop, Taylor keeps his job as clipboard holder/ kneel-down king.