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Practice notebook: Colin Kaepernick shines, Albert McClellan has play of the day

News and notes from the Ravens second of three practices against the San Francisco 49ers

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Following their preseason opener on Thursday, the Ravens and 49ers came together for the second of three total joint practices. For the first time in Ravens history, the team is practicing with another program, even though it's pretty commonplace around the league.

Here are a few of the notable takeaways from Sunday's practice:

Injuries: Ravens fear they've lost Kapron Lewis-Moore (again)

For the second consecutive season, it appears defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore's season is over before it officially started. Lewis-Moore tore his Achilles tendon and was carted off the field after yelling from pain and tears rolling down his face.

CLICK HERE to read John Harbaugh's comments on Lewis-Moore.

Injuries: Asa Jackson escorted from field with injured ankle

The Ravens secondary is already battered and bruised, and it took another hit on Sunday. Fighting for a spot as the third cornerback, Asa Jackson leaped to break up a pass and landed on the ground near a few players going for the ball. Initially, it appeared Jackson was holding his hamstring, but confirmed his ankle was injured as he was escorted off the field with Ravens medical staff.

While leaving the field, he walked past general manager Ozzie Newsome who inquired about the injury.

Newsome was already against the gun with a weak cornerback group as he's missing Lardarius Webb with a back injury and aside from Jimmy Smith, the team doesn't have any other reliable options. Chykie Brown was figured to be the favorite to grab the third cornerback spot but hasn't shown up as expected during training camp.

After practice, Harbaugh commented on Jackson's injury.

"Asa had a minor ankle injury," he said. He'll be out for some number of days, it's not a major deal."

The Ravens can't afford to miss Jackson for significant time. But if anything, this may be Brown's last chance to step up and secure the third spot on the depth chart.

Give Jim and John Harbaugh Credit

In total, over 180 players were split between three fields at the Under Armour Performance Center. Add in the coaching and support staffs, the fields were crowded to say the least. These practices were far more intense than traditional practices and despite the high intensity, both teams kept their cool for a second consecutive day.

During training camp, it's difficult to stop teammates from fighting each other, but during these practices the Harbaughs have created a positive and safe learning environment for their teams.

Prior to Saturday's practice, both teams were brought together as Jim and John's father, Jack, delivered a message to the teams. Whatever he said clearly must have worked. Even though practice was intense and the hitting was hard, both teams were courteous to each other on the field.

Fashion Update: Yes, Jim Harbaugh wears khakis and black long-sleeve shirts in August

Heading to practice, the biggest question I wanted answered is if Jim Harbaugh would actually wear his standard issue "Jim Harbaugh Coaching Outfit" to practice on a 90-degree August day.

Yes, he actually did.

I couldn't see if he had his traditional red sharpie dangling from his neck, but he sure did make good use of his whistle like a high school P.E. teacher.

Ravens continue to struggle in pass coverage

In person, I don't think people understand how good of an arm 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick really has. Kaepernick has been known to display his athleticism with his feet but should get more credit for what he can do with his arm.

Not only did Kaepernick throw some laser shots past the secondary, he displayed a good amount of touch as well.

Throughout the first half of practice, Kaepernick and the 49ers offense had the upper hand during "trash can" drills in which the linemen are substituted for giant industrial-sized receptacles. At one point, even a fullback caught a pass over linebacker Arthur Brown.

On a positive note, Jimmy Smith did have a late-practice interception.

Kamar Aiken climbs A ladder

One player generating a lot of buzz this training camp has been rookie undrafted free agent wide receiver Kamar Aiken. Earlier in practice, Aiken had a pass sailing far over his head and somehow vertical leapt an off-the-chart height, pulling in the ball.

For an undrafted rookie trying to make the team, typically special teams is where you turn heads. However, plays like this surely helps as well.

Albert McClellan has the play of the day

The best part of practice was full contact goal-to-go drills between both teams. The Ravens got the better hand on the 49ers today, and the best play was by Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan. A running back for the 49ers not named Frank Gore carried the ball up the middle and released past the defensive line — that was until he ran into a wall.

McClellan's pads popped as he completely stood up the leaning runner as he battled to get the pall over the goal line.

It was one of those plays that happened so quick,  you just say ... "who the heck was that?"