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Sunday Ravens links: Anquan Boldin returns, Harbaugh sibling rivalry

Read what others are writing about the Baltimore Ravens.

Norm Hall

Anquan Boldin returns to The Castle, but as a 49ers receiver

The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec writes about Boldin's return to his formed training grounds, and how he was able to give Ravens fans a final goodbye.

Joe Flacco encouraged by Ravens offense

After totaling 386 total yards, the Ravens' quarterback was mighty pleased with how the offense performed throughout Baltimore's 23-3 win on Thursday.

Harbaughs open up about sibling rivalry

Both John and Jim Harbaugh sat down with the video crew to talk about the sibling rivalry they've long held as kids.

Dockers sent a pair of pants to John Harbaugh instead of Jim's Ryan Mink writes about how Dockers accidentally sent a pair of pants to the John Harbaugh, instead of the dad-pants wearing Jim Harbaugh.

Joint practices reunite Flacco, Kaepernick's Clifton Brown writes about how this week is the first time Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick have been on the same field with one another since Super Bowl XLVII.