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Ravens offense: favorite plays from 2013 season

Watch this compilation of the Ravens offense going to work from Week 1 to Week 8.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I have 26 more days to enjoy my NFL Game Rewind so I thought, hey, why not produce a movie for our readers? I scrounged through the first eight games and picked out my favorite offensive plays from 2013. Not only did my computer freeze thrice, my video-editing software shut down like Robert Griffin III last December. After multiple attempts, 11 to be exact, I finally got the short film done.

Here are a few statistics you might want to read before you begin viewing:

  • In his first eight games Joe Flacco tossed 10 touchdown passes and nine interceptions. Five of his ducks came against the Buffalo Bills.
  • Flacco completed 184 passes in 310 attempts, which is a 59 percent completion rate. He attempted 62 passes in their "home opener" vs. the mighty Denver Broncos.
  • Flacco was under heavy pressure all season long and sacked 25 times midway through. The offensive line didn't perform any better after that, allowing 23 more sacks.
  • Wide receiver Marlon Brown accumulated 26 receptions, 297 yards and 5 touchdowns in his first seven starts; he did not play in Miami due to a strained hamstring.
  • Jacoby Jones strained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee Week 1 vs. Denver.
  • Torrey Smith had 36 catches for 707 yards in his first eight games, that's almost 20 yards-per-catch.
  • This was a rare sight. The one (and only) time no injuries were reported.

I apologize for the lag and the poor quality. Some of the clips are choppy due to weak internet connection. (Excuses get you beat, I know.)

I promise the second half of the Ravens 2013 campaign will be a lot better. Enjoy the rest of the Fourth of July Weekend!