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Trading Rolando McClain not as great of a deal for Ravens as initially thought

For Baltimore to get anything out of it, conditions must be met.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

As it turns out, trading Rolando McClain's rights to the Cowboys wasn't as sweet of a deal for the Ravens as initially thought.

The Cowboys released additional terms to the deal, which make the pick-swapping portion of it conditional as opposed to finished. The team revealed that for the Ravens to get a 2015 sixth-rounder from Dallas for Baltimore's seventh-rounder, McClain must play 50 percent of Dallas' defensive snaps in 2014.

If McClain is on the Cowboys' 53-man roster for five games — or active for games days on three occasions — then the two teams will swap 2016 seventh-rounders if the Cowboys have a better pick. Or in other words, that would be practically nothing.

Simply put: The Ravens collectively decided to give McClain to Dallas since the linebacker can't make up his mind on whether to try and return to football or not. The Ravens weren't going to give him another shot. It became more of a headache than anything, and perhaps there's some level of feeling burned in the front office after giving him a chance once Oakland released him.

Based on what we know, it's unlikely McClain meets these requirements. I'll be shocked if he does.