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Shaun O'Hara: Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC North

NFL analyst and former Super Bowl champion Shaun O'Hara selects the Ravens to win the AFC North division on NFL Total Access.

Former New York Giants center Shaun O'Hara knows how to pick his apples.

O'Hara and former Patriots fullback Heath Evans debated which team would win the AFC North division in 2014. NFL Total Access Dan Hellie asked O'Hara first and the center delivered faster than Jimmy John's.

I'm going to go hashtag Baltimore Ravens. We just heard from Coach [Brian] Billick about the offense and here's the thing I look at from last season. The Ravens averaged 83 yards rushing per game, the worst in franchise history. You show me a team that doesn't run the ball very well, especially on first and second down, I'll show you a quarterback that struggles on third down. Joe Flacco, almost half of his interceptions, came on third down. That's the offense right there. I think Steve Smith helps ... we heard Billick talk about Ray Rice stutter steps. Rice is a better power football runner, when I talk power I mean scheme wise ... Bernard Pierce is a slasher. I think Pierce is going to be huge on the offense.

That's just his breakdown of the Ravens offense. He adorned the cake with more icing by exalting the defense:

The Ravens defense is loaded. Dumervil, Suggs, they draft Mosley with the first round. Also Timmy Jernigan inside, Chris Canty, I think they have an unbelievable ability to get to the quarterback. I like Baltimore.

The only scratch I spotted in O'Hara's argument is the last part, when he meant to say, "I love Baltimore," to cap off the spiel.

My favorite moment in the debate came when the former Super Bowl Champion took a shot at Troy Polamalu with the "if Polamalu can tackle," jab to counter Evans' case.

Evans weakly responded with a blank, "Well, yeah, we'll see."

NFL fans voted online and the final results had the Steelers barely winning the race (31%), Ravens (28%), Browns (22%) and Bengals (19%).