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Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta's deal looks even better now

Dennis Pitta's deal was a great move in the Ravens offseason. Now it looks even better in hindsight.

Patrick Smith

When Dennis Pitta was signed to a five-year, $32 million dollar contract before the start of free agency, it was a great move. Joe Flacco was able to keep his favorite passing target and the Ravens didn't have to spend a tremendous amount of money to do so, seeing as Dennis Pitta signed a contract that has him ranked as the 10th highest paid Tight End in the NFL using contract value and APY.

I kept saying this in the midst of Jimmy Graham's contract dispute with the Saints. The last thing the Ravens needed this offseason was drama on whether Pitta was a tight end or a wide receiver, so it's a good thing that both sides were able to solve this without breaking the bank.

Then, we all saw that Kyle Rudolph signed a contract with the Vikings that made him the fifth highest paid tight end in the NFL. Is Kyle Rudolph a good tight end? Sure, but his production isn't equal to the amount of money he's going to be given.

Keeping Pitta in Baltimore was a good move by the Ravens. It's an even better move considering how much money they didn't have to pay to do so.