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Man who urinated on former Ravens owner Art Modell's grave identified

Case has been kicked to the State Attorney.

Patrick Smith

In a disgusting act of disrespect and anguish, one man wearing his Cleveland Browns Lyle Alzado jersey took his liberty in the form of urinating on late NFL Owner Art Modell. The perp has since been identified, according to a report from TMZ, and the case is headed to the State Attorney, which may possibly become something bigger.

To the unacquainted, Art Modell helped to move/re-locate the original Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. By which I mean the Browns were guaranteed to receive another franchise where they are allowed to keep their name, colors, records, championships, and all the history of the storied Cleveland team.

Baltimore once lost their team, if by chance you hadn't known this. They had disappeared in the dead of night. Mayflower trucks took them away. The beloved Baltimore Colts vanished, and with them their colors, records, logos, and history. They also weren't promised a new franchise... ever. Something that I don't feel is mentioned is when Baltimore was stripped of the Colts, Baltimore fought by using eminent domain to seize the Colts, and force the team to be in Baltimore.

The Browns have acted like the only ones to lose a franchise that they love and hold dear. The Mayor had signed a bill for eminent domain. That's how serious Baltimore football meant to Charm City.

To make one last point, this fan does need to get over it. He needs to stop acting like an absolute child. Football, while to some is a career, and to some a crazy fandom, draws the line with an act of defacing a man's grave.